I recently broke up with my partner, and I thought I deserve something special. I decided to embark on a ship and to sail away from all my problems. Said and done! I booked a cabin on the Norwegian Cruise Line Dawn ship and eagerly waited for the departure day. I learned the ship can hold up to 2300 passengers, but it is rare for a vessel to be fully occupied. I found i had enough privacy and enough chances to make friends during my trip, if I so wanted.

“FreeStyle Dining and Cruising” is the deal package promoted the most by this cruise line, and I wanted to take advantage of it. I don’t regret paying more for it because I received better service than other guests. However I didn’t really like the food in the premium restaurants and so I gave up going there to eat. The food was nice, but a bit on the sweet side whereas I prefer more spicy foods.

This ship was in a good condition, although you could see signs of aging here and there. This didn’t bother as it made me think of my apartment, making me feel more relaxed. The only downside of this wear was that most signs were a bit difficult to read. Me and the other passengers got used rather fast to getting lost, and this led to minutes on end of laughing out loud. There is no better way to relax other than laughing hard.

There were kids too on the ship, but I was lucky enough as not encounter the ones screaming the most. I learned there are some clubs with activities designed for kids and I found this to be a great idea the staff had. I recommend this ship and this cruising company to everyone looking for some great fun at sea!