I love traveling and therefore I rarely buy anything hoping I will find a good vacation deal. This means that sometimes I need to act really fast in order to benefit from some promotion or another. Sell off Vacations is the company and website I use the most to find something affordable. Unlike many other websites out there, Sell off Vacations works fast and is updated very often with new deals. Their website is also available in French.

The feature I like the best is the one showing the best deals of the week. If I happen to be in a different city than the one I live in, I can select the offers designed for that city instead. It happened at least three times to find better vacation deals in other cities than my own. I was able to take advantage of the promotion only once though. Even without an active special offer the prices for a vacation here are much more affordable than with other traveling agencies and websites.

Additionally visitors can choose a vacation package based on the type of hotel they want to stay at, based on the season, or a specific theme. You can search for hotel, flights, cruises, and other types of deals.

I once booked a vacation through this site and the next day I noticed how the price for it dropped. I called them and asked them if there was any way to help me. What they did was to offer me a better room and to include more features in my package. I couldn’t be more happy after my trip!

I always recommend this website to my friends or even to random people. I do this because the site is so well organized, it offers complete informations and booking the vacation is super easy. I never encountered any problems when I booked a vacation through Sell off Vacations, but I can’t say the same about other similar websites.