Southwest Vacations provided me with everything I needed to enjoy my trip, and more. I found the company by searching online and I wasn’t convinced at first. I browsed around different sections of the website and I also found one section with deals that I looked at. The company’s site is extremely organized so you can find locations easily. They offer many all inclusive packages too, and this is what I actually booked. I needed a relaxing vacation that includes everything I need, and Southwest Vacation delivered.

After I decided on the right package for me, I called the customer service. I was not sure how place an online reservation so I called them, and they guided me all throughout the process. Their vacations are much cheaper than other places, even the all inclusive packages. I was offered a variety of traveling insurance options, and I chose a basic one. The friend who used the company’s services before mentioned that you can even cancel your trip at any time. My friend needed to cancel once and got a full refund. This reassured me that the company is reliable and take their customers seriously.

I got an email confirmation with my reservation right away, which was very helpful. Many other companies take a long time until everything is confirmed. Once, I had to wait for 3 days before getting an email. I had no problems at the airport either, I just showed my ticket and I did not have to wait too long for my flight to arrive. I was very satisfied with the hotel and all the other features I got in my package. I was just disappointed I did not book a longer vacation! So, I warmly recommend this company and will book with them in the future too.