Spending more than planned during any trip is not something people are looking forward to. Usually a ski trip is meant to be enjoyed even when we have to keep the wallet or bank account in mind. When others pass through unpleasant events, they will share their experience so others will be better prepared. Going through others’ tips and advice, many travel experts came up with a top 7 ways to save on a ski trip. This top is useful as prices seem to be on the rise for those who love winter sports.

Reserve in advance
There are many things you can book in advance in order to save some money. These things include airplane tickets, hotel rooms, lift tickets, and even the skiing gear. For most of these things you can save up to 25% compared to the price you would pay at the time of your arrival on the slopes. Additionally you might even have a hard time finding skiing gear, as most tourists would rent theirs.

Bring some food and water
Skiing is tiring and if you want to spent the whole day on the slopes without fainting, you need to eat and drink something. Bringing your own food and water will surely make your backpack heavier, but your wallet will be more than thankful at the end of the day. Both food and water

Avoid skiing during peak season
No matter where you plan your trip, the mid season will be most expensive. This includes the rates for your hotel room, food, and anything else you might be spending money on. The beginning and end of season are cheaper in all aspects, at all resorts.

Pack light
This is especially true if you need to fly to your resort. The more you pack, the heavier and bigger the luggage you have, and this means you’ll pay more when checking it in. Try and search for offers that include 1 or 2 bags checked in for free instead, and you’ll be saving some money. Make sure you know which are the maximum accepted dimensions of the bags as to avoid getting overcharged.

Take advantage of the various deals available
Some resorts let the kids ski for free, up to a certain age. If you have children that qualify, it is time you jumped on this occasion. If the bar or restaurant you’re interested in has a happy hour, you should definitely take advantage of it. Are there any ski-free days? Perfect time for improving your skills.

Get a package deal
Many traveling sites have special deals for customers that buy more than one product. Booking your flight and room together will be cheaper than separating them. The more services you can include, the more you can save.

Book a place with a kitchenette
If you can have a full kitchen is even better, assuming you or your partner can cook. Buying stuff from the grocery store that you can prepare yourself will save you lots of money during your trip.